Ivan Milat

Countdown! putting everything together.

1. The police knew the killer used a Ruger. 22 calibre rifle - not many people in Australia owned them  
2. Rape case brought by two women, whom  alleged Milat had raped one of them near Goulburn after he give them a lift on the Hume Highway. Milat skipped bail and ran to New Zealaned , returned in 1974 and went to trial. He was aquitted.
3. A senior constable checked sexual assaults along Hume Highway and put two and two together. Milats  name came up. 
4. A woman rang police on behalf of her boyfriend to draw attention to Ivan's love of firearms. Were they licensed or registered?
5. Paul Onions ( in England ) trying to ring Australia to retell of his attack  on the Hume Highway, all the backpacker murders - " I  think I could have been one of them if I didnt get away " is finally flown to Australia April 13th 1994, He is shown a line-up of photos - it's number four - Ivan Robert Marko Milat.
6. Police have no hard evidence - only attempted murder of Paul Onions.
7. Police seach Alex Milat ( brother - lives at West Woombye, Queensland) found a backpack belonging too Simone Schmindl
8. Alex gives detailed report of Caroline & Joanne being abducted in a car near Belango State Forest, Alex also said " I know you might think that becauses he's my brother I would defend him, but I'll tell you right now - if he was guilty I'd shoot the bastard myself."
9. Police now have enough evidence 20 months after the first bodies discovered - arrest Ivan Robert Marko Milat - 22nd May 1994.
10.The full horror of the Backpacker Murders is just beginning.

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