Ivan Milat

Profile of a serial killer.

Behind the mask of Mr Average lurked a grotesque sexual desire which could only be sated by the control and ultimately the death of his victims. Although he may not have had intercourse with them, he got his kicks by expressing his bizarre deviations through sadistic aggression, mutilation and finally execution. This is not an altogether uncommon phenomenon among serial killers. Even the origial Jack the Ripper did not have sex with his victims. There was also another, even more unpalatable theory, which was being convassed. Could it be the backpacker killer forced some of his victims to inflict wounds on their partner? It was such a sickening possibility that it was almost unthinkable. But given the fact that in the case of three couples one body was always more mutilated then the other, it had too be a seriously considered. 
Were there two killers? Police could not work out how a single killer could lure two people into a deserted forest and murder both of them. Psychiatrists plus criminologists built up a detailed picture of the man they were after. Firstly, he was Mr Average, he  led a ordinary life. He would be fit, intelligent, outwardly sociable. he could be your next door neighbor or the bloke you had a drink with down the pub. His age was hard but finally was put in his forties, probaly married or in a stable relationship but behind the  mask as one forensic psychologist put it - " He's bad rather than mad ".  

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