Ivan Milat

Deborah Everist, 19 

James Gibson, 19 

Friday 29th of December - the day the couple went missing.

Deborah and James were both 19, and were not your typical backpackers. They were Australian and enjoyed the benefit of local knowledge.  Unlike foreign tourists they had no language problems, had friends and family to call on, and they knew their way around. James loved hanging out with the hippy element and certainly looked the part with his long hair that hung  half way down his back and the  floppy hat he occasionally wore. Deborah had dark long hair and a winning smile.

In October 1993 - 4 years after their disappearence - they were found in Belangalo State Forest  which is close to Sydney,  New South Wales ( a state of Australia.) Their bodies were badly decomposed and despite the environmental damage wrought on the clothing, James Gibson's zipper was intact. It was open but the top button fastened.  The post-mortem examinations revealed paralysing spinal wounds.

rest in peace, Deborah Everist and James Gibson. 

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