Ivan Milat

 Anja Habschied, 20

 Gabor Neugebauer, 21 

The German couple Gabor Neugebauer and Anja Habschied last seen on Thurday 26th of December 1991 (Boxing Day)

They left a backpacker hostel in Kings Cross, in Sydney's inner east, aiming to travel to Adelaide, then on to Darwin,  They were't seen alive again.  Gabor Nevqebaver was found strangled  - there was no injury to the skull.  The chest and back showed numerous stab wounds to the left and right sides, front and back, including the "tell-tale" knife thrusts to the spinal area, which had severed the spinal column completely.  His jeans were unzipped but the top botten fastened like he'd been undressed and quickly dressed again. Anja Habschied was missing a skull completely, which appeared to have been severed by a machete or sword.

rest in peace, Gabor Neugebauer and Anja Habschied

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