Ivan Milat

Simone Schmidl,  21

Simone Schmidl was a German tourist.  She was last seen hitch hiking on 20 of January 1991.

Simone was a young adventurous girl whose family and friends had called her "Simi".  Last seen in Liverpool, west of Sydney, hitch-hiking south. The confident and seasoned traveler who had seen much of the world ended her days in a lonely forest thousands of miles away from the safety and security of her home. In Germany, Simones parents heard the news in the worst possible way -- on the radio. They contacted German police for confirmation and, even though Australian authorities had advised them of the discovery, the German police department did not confirm the identification until more than two weeks after Simones remains had been flown home and buried. There was no doubt she has fallen victim to the same killer showing the now familiar injury of Deborah Everist and James Gibson. Simones body was found still partially dressed with her shirt and underclothing pushed up around the neck. A pair of green shorts hung on the pelvis with the cord ties undone. Several items of jewelry and two coins were found next to the body and numerous stab wounds to the upper torso.

 rest in peace, Simone Schmidl.

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